For all the Hippie are gonna LOVE the new collection coming!!

For all the Hippie are gonna LOVE the new collection coming!!

Little Hippie Kids Collection Graphic Collection of Kids Clothes Launching in October 2021

Many people don't know this...but I started out making children's clothing!!! I upcycled and made adorable dresses and tops and whatever came to my mind. I was a new mom so it made sense to make stuff for my kiddos. I LOVED doing it but as life happened and things evolved I slowly transitioned to other things.

Since opening the store and creating unique and one of a kind boho hippie pieces for women, ladies have expressed the want for a children's line. And I don't know why I didn't think to bring this in sooner as I do have girls that love everything that I make!!

up close detail shot of a one of a kind kids flannel shirt with hand sewn band tee on the back

This collection is launching in October and I cannot wait for ya'll to see these items. It will begin with one of a kind upcycled pieces for your little hippies and eventually I will add in a tween line of new and trendy items to mix and match with these. As with my other one of a kind pieces I can always do custom ones for kiddos and even do a mommy/daddy and me set.


front view of a girls patchwork one of a kind fringe flannel shirt

Dont miss out on the launch of this collection! I will announce it via email first and then go live on Facebook so be sure you are signed up the list and a follower!

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