How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style can sometimes but a hard thing to do. I know some people are just born a way that they have no problem expressing themselves especially with clothing, however; not all people have that just in them to do. 

I have always felt different than most, thinking outside the box with clothing and colors, mixing textures and patterns. But I will say at one time I did not know how to fully express this. I wore what I thought I should or what others did to fit in. By doing that though I really felt the opposite or like an imposter.

So today's blog post is about how I found my personal style....and I hope this helps you find yours too! 



Yep you read that need to do your research, about yourself and about others.

  • Write down a list of things you enjoy doing (reading, art, tennis, etc.) your personal style will have influence from your lifestyle.
  • Write down a list of celebrities that you enjoy the way they dress (at least most of the time)
  • Search "outfit inspo" on pinterest or instagram and see what looks you gravitate toward.
  • Figure out what your body shape is and do research on what styles, prints and fabrics will look great on you.


  • This step is super simple! Take a look at your items from research and find pieces in your closet that match some of the outfits and styles you were drawn to.
  • With those pieces create looks based on your research, try them on, see how comfortable you feel in them, wear them.


  • Once you have gotten use to make looks from your research now comes the fun part!
  • When out shopping try to find something that your drawn to that is NEW, by this I mean something that you never worn before.
  • It could be a new style, new color, new pattern, etc.
  • With the new items add them to looks that you've created before and like to spice them up. 


  • Developing your own "Personal Style" takes time
  • You will find things that you don't like (like certain fabrics or cuts.)
  • You will discover that your personal style grows with you as you change.
  • It's a never ending journey and anything you wear will be your own.


I hope ya'll enjoyed this blog post today!!! I love helping others and inspiring people to be different and have fun. 


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