It's EARTH DAY 2022....let's talk about Sustainable Fashion

It's EARTH DAY 2022....let's talk about Sustainable Fashion

With it being EARTH day I thought I would talk to ya'll about Sustainable Fashion. It has for sure been a buzz word for several years as we as a society have realized how wasteful we have become. 

Definition of sustainable fashion: 

-The word sustainable means a being or a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

-The word fashion means the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time.

-So with combining the two, sustainable fashion is movement/process of apparel and garments that are designed, manufactured, distributed in a way that does not deplete or permanently damage the environment or resources here on earth. 

-Sustainable Fashion is also called "Slow Fashion" which is basically the opposite of the fast trendy pieces you find while shopping. 

-This slow fashion movement is being thoughtful and intentional with your purchases.

-As a society I don't think we will ever be fully sustainable especially in the fashion industry, however great strides have been made throughout the years to lessen the fashion cycle and lessen the waste from the production processes. 

Now here at Modish we don't just carry slow fashion pieces, we do have several options for new clothing pieces....would love to one day have the majority of the store to be sustainable. The current goal at the shop is to show you how to pair sustainable pieces with newer items. Modish does offer a variety of one of a kind pieces that are upcycled from thrifted finds. There is so much life that a garment can give and that is what Megan the owner brings out in each piece she makes. 

So in celebration of EARTH DAY be sure to find you a one of a kind piece that will add that special touch to your wardrobe and outfits!! 

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