Summertime 2020: Into the Sun

Summertime 2020: Into the Sun


This year, 2020, has not been the year everyone on the planet thought it would be. We are now going about our lives in a totally different way trying to make sense of it all and trying to have just a little bit of "normal". 


That's what our first look book and themed photoshoot is all about....We are all just wanting a sweet summer just like 2019 but it's no where near it. It feels like it is the same, familiar.... the sun is gorgeous and it's warm already....but there is something still in the air. Something in the unknown. I tried my best to capture that with this look book. There are looks of happiness and smiles in these photos, and then moments of uncertainty. 

Most of us are still having to stay at home, or at least stay at home more than usual. That can be challenging, and upsetting.....but it's ok. I feel like we have learned a lot about ourselves as human beings, taken up hobbies that were left on the back burner because we were too busy. And of course we value time with loved ones a whole lot more now.

I hope you enjoy the look and vibes of this. I named it  "Into the Sun" as a kind of tribute to the summer, and especially to the summers past. It was after I named it that I discovered there is a song with this name by Sons of the East. Had never heard of this band and I kinda like to think I was meant to find them by all of this. Check out the song "Into the Sun" by them won't regret it! My favorite line from the song, "So I walk into the sun I thought you'd be there, but you could fool anyone..."

The photoshoot was taken at a local hotel called The Mason Boutique Hotel. Its downtown and right down the road from the store. It is roomy, homey and stunning. The rooms are gorgeous and make you just want to relax. Be sure to checkout there Instagram and Facebook, if ever down this way you need to visit and stay a night or two.

And lastly I want to end this post with a favorite quote of mine, "Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path" I do not know who said this but it is perfect for today. Everything, even the bad, happens for a reason and will lead you down the path you were always meant to be on. 

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