Top 5 Crystals That are Perfect for Your Home

Top 5 Crystals That are Perfect for Your Home

Top 5 crystals that are good for the home

Crystals are beautiful and magical and come in so many varieties. They have so many different purposes and meanings and bring in such great energies. Today I will be talking about my top 5 choices of crystals that are great for your home, especially if you are new to crystals and using them. 

My #1 choice is and will always be CLEAR QUARTZ

 Clear quartz crystals tumbled stones
Clear quartz is probably one of the most known and recognized crystals. At some point in your life I know you have come in contact or seen this crystal. It is known as the "master crystal" as it can take on and use energies around it, take on intentions from you and can amplify other crystals. It makes a great option for crystal grids for this very reason. 

It can promote clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. For these properties I recommend putting it at your desk if you work from home or if you have a studio where you create things put some clear quartz in that area. 

Its believed to increase wisdom and insight which makes it a perfect companion to use in meditation and yoga in the home. 


My #2 crystal is AMETHYST 

Amethyst clusters and bracelet

Amethyst is another familiar crystal, it is the gemstone for Feburary as well. 

Peace, stability and calm are the main themes of this crystal. It is a powerful stone for cleansing and healing energies. It vibrates a tranquil energy. Great crystal to have for meditation. 

It is also known for the crystal that most helps people with anxiety. It can soothe frayed nerves and gives inner peace.

Places in the home for amethyst would be by your bedside or under pillow if you have smaller pieces to promote calm and relaxing sleep. In the living room or other room where a lot of people gather to help promote a calm environment. 



Larkivite crystal tower

It is not as well known as the first two, but it is a beauty and has wonderful properties.

Larvikite is a very protective stone that wards off negativity. This would make it a great crystal to put at the entry way of your home to protect your space from other emotions, especially negative ones, from your guests.

It promotes concentration by clearing the mind. For this property larvikite would be great at your desk if you work at home or used in your meditation space.



Smokey quartz crystal points

Smokey quartz is one of the best grounding crystals. It has an earthy brown color can range from really light to really dark almost black in some. 

It is another protective stone and combining that with the grounding abilities pair this crystal again at the front of the home near the door to keep out negativity from others entering your home. 

Smokey quartz helps to retune yourself in with the world as it grounds you. Helps you work through emotions especially if you are an empath. To use this way in the home put it near your bedside. 


My # 5 is FLUORITE

Crystals spheres and towers
Fluorite is a gorgeous green and purple crystal. Its all about focus and order. This crystal can help clear your mind and space of distractions.

Its great to use for balancing, whether that's your mind or the energies in your home. Fluorite can be put into any space of your home to promote this balance.

 These are my top 5 choices of crystals to use in your home but there are also so many others that are great too. The possibilities are truly endless. Stay tuned for more blog posts about using crystals in your life and home. 

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