What is Modish Boho Boutique,and who is the "Modish" girl?

What is Modish Boho Boutique,and who is the "Modish" girl?

Look at one of the Modish store windows

Modish.....what is that, how do you say that??? 

Its pronounced like modern-ish just without the "ern". It means something that is trendy and new and to the owner Megan it also encompasses vintage finds and upcycled pieces.

The brand and company really tries to focus on finding pieces of clothing that will make women feel beautiful and confident in themselves.

Megan in a retro style photoshoot with record over face

Megan has always been the type of person who marches to the beat of her own drum....which is what drew her to the fashion industry. In fashion there are SO many options and styles that a person can wear....it can honestly be overwhelming at times.

A "Modish girl" is someone who is begging for more than just trendy clothing. She is looking for something new and exciting. This girl is wanting to discover clothing that releases her inner wild woman. She is needing an experience, not just another store to shop. She is wanting to find a friend, who will help her with what to wear and how to wear it, a friend that will be honest and keep her looking good! If that sounds like you....you are in the RIGHT place, you have found your TRIBE.

A look of what a Modish girl is 

Close up of a one of a kind Kiss shirt made by Megan.

We strive to serve our followers and customers with great fashion tips, advice and how to wear videos. Megan thinks outside the box and will show you things you never thought of. Stay tuned for more posts on the blog but for now follow us on Facebook to see some cute styling videos.





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