Why every girl should own a simple bleached flannel shirt

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Bleached Flannel with Rock n Roll outfit
If you don't own a bleached flannel shirt yet, what are you waiting for? Are you unsure of how to wear it? If so, I hope to help ya out with this blog post!
I honestly feel like a flannel can be worn with ANYTHING! I love mixing patterns, vibes and textures with outfits. My FAVORITE way to wear my flannels are with a graphic tee. It's by far the easiest option and depending on the tshirt can give you several different looks. Above I worn with a Harley Crop Top and Red Glitter Pants! 
Flannel and graphic tee flatlay outfit
Here's another option for a flannel with a graphic tee. This flatlay has more of a fall look with the color scheme and a hippie vibe with this Electric Vibes tshirt.
Flannel with a bohemian style printed shirt
The next way to wear a flannel button up shirt is with another patterned top. Above I paired it with a similar color schemed bohemian printed flowy shirt. The contrast of the patterns and textures of these two pieces compliment each other.
Mixed printed flannel style shirt with a leopard print tank top and turquoise necklace
Here's another great example of "mixing prints". I paired a dressy leopard print tank with a double sided flannel style bleached shirt and a funky turquoise necklace. This look is edgy, unique and boho. Pair it with some super wide ell bottom jeans with cowboy boots for that western look too. 
Flannel shirt paired over a striped sweater flatlay western outfit
This look I took a flannel and layered it over a gorgeous striped sweater.....yes you read that right, over a sweater! This outfit has similar colors vibing together with fun textures. Its kinda southern and kinda cowboy!
Bleached flannel paired underneath a sweatshirt
On the other side....you can go for a more preppy look and pair a flannel underneath a sweatshirt. This look would be cute with trousers and converse shoes.
flannel shirt worn underneath overhaul style corduory dress
Are you a Clueless fan....this look above is so cute and straight outta that movie. Wear a flannel underneath a corduroy overhall dress, vintage purse and some white booties!
Flannel shirt worn over a simple white dress
This look is sweet and oh so southern! Put this with cowboy boots and a floppy hat and your are ready to party with the flannel worn over this simple white tunic dress
Teal Flannel that has bee bleached
And lastly, just wear a bleached flannel by itself! It's perfect to pair with black legging and tennis shoes for class or errands!
I hope you have enjoyed this blog and got some much needed inspiration for how to wear a bleached flannel. This blog will be filled with posts like this that help you wear any trend with confidence. 

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