Totally Satisfied Floral Cardigan

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Totally Satisfied Floral Cardigan

This stunning floral cardigan is sure to have you totally satisfied with your amazing new style.  Pair with a solid black or white top for a monochromatic look or add in a pop of Springtime color to this gorgeous look.

Fabric Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Sizing: S:  2-6, M: 8-10, L: 12-14, XL: 16-18, 1XL: 18-21, 2XL: 22-24, 3XL: 26-28

Small: Chest: 46", Length: 33"

Medium: Chest: 48", Length: 34"

Large: Chest: 48.5", Length: 34.5"

XL: Chest: 52.5", Length: 35"